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Jurisdiction Price
Lithuania 790 EUR
Czech republic 1850 EUR
Latvia 890 EUR
Estonia 750 EUR
Slovakia 1390 EUR
Cyprus 1650 EUR
England 1050 EUR
Vanuatu 3280 USD
Hong-Kong 1950 USD
Malta 3800 EUR

Jurisdiction Price
Andorra 790 EUR
BVI 1850 EUR
Bahrain 890 EUR
Belgium 750 EUR
Belize 1390 EUR
Bulgaria 1650 EUR
Singapore 1050 EUR
Seychelles 3280 USD
Ireland 1950 USD
Romania 3800 EUR

Jurisdiction Price
Portugal 790 EUR
Germany 1850 EUR
Finland 890 EUR
Serbia 750 EUR
Netherlands 1390 EUR
Hungary 1650 EUR
Italy 1050 EUR
Marshall island 3280 USD
Switzerland 1950 USD
Panama 3800 EUR

Jurisdiction Price
Madeira 1850 EUR
Canada 890 EUR

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Company registration

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Company registration with tax authorities

Incorporation of the company into the Turkish Business Register

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Company registration, including government fees

Set of incorporation documents
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Company in Estonia
Company registration

Payment of state fees

Notary services

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Registered address for 1 year

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Advantages of jurisdiction:

  • Loyal business environment due to political and economic stability;
  • Strategic geographic location;
  • Foreign investors and residents are given equal business opportunities;
  • Simplicity of incorporation process with ability to organize process remotely;
  • Transparent local laws;
  • Adequate privacy and security;
  • One of the lowest corporate taxes in the European region, as well as favourable tax conditions in general;
  • Availability of various incentives for businesses in different sectors of the economy.

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