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We would like to draw your attention to Slovakia, a European country that has become a fertile ground for the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in recent years. If you decide to conduct business here, you will benefit from a favorable regulatory environment, the government of Slovakia, and, of course, Finexmo, an international consulting company.

We are ready to provide you with our expert assistance in the registration process for cryptocurrency operations in Slovakia. We will guide you and provide consultations at every stage to ensure the successful operation of your innovative financial startup in this promising industry.

Control and security for all market participants

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Slovakia has developed and implemented strict control measures for online riches operations. These measures include

  • monitoring transactions involving cryptoassets,
  • customer verification and identification,
  • combating the illegal use of blockchain-based currency.

Regulation of Slovakian crypto license:

There are two types of legal accreditation in the cryptocurrency sphere:

  1. As a provider offering wallet services for e-currencies.
  2. As an operator involved in digital cash exchange operations.

The first license will provide your clients with a modern and convenient way to manage their finances, with a high level of security and international accessibility. Users of your company’s services will appreciate the ability to quickly and securely send, receive, and transfer money, make purchases, receive discounts, and accumulate loyalty bonuses at stores worldwide.

The second license will allow wallet holders on your platform to enjoy the benefits of using and exchanging different currencies while having full protection against currency risks.

Portfolio diversification? – Absolutely!

Support for international transactions? – Go ahead and use it!

Fast and convenient transactions? – It’s all possible!

Just one step – obtaining the required license – and you can create the company of your dreams! Call Finexmo. We are ready to start working on your case today.

To meet the requirements, candidates’ companies must have:

  • Minimum registered capital: not less than 5,000 euros.
  • The necessity to establish a local company authorized to regulate cryptocurrency operations.
  • Mandatory presence of a realistic business plan.
  • EU or Slovak resident as the company’s director.

Bonus: No requirement to deposit registered capital during company registration.

Advantages of obtaining a Crypto license in Slovakia:

  • As a foreign investor, you have 100% control over your cryptocurrency business in Slovakia.
  • There are no restrictions on capital transfers and income into and out of the country.
  • There are no limitations on the conversion or movement of different currencies.
  • There are no legal restrictions on hiring foreign employees.
  • Nominee representatives can be appointed to handle administrative and regulatory matters on your behalf.

Undeniable advantages of Slovakia:

0 restrictions – imposed by Slovakia on Internet currency transactions.

2 physical persons – required for the registration of a cryptocurrency company.

2 years – duration of the cryptocurrency activities license, which requires renewal.

3 years – experience in the cryptocurrency field that the company’s board members must possess.

3-5 days – the duration of the company registration process for cryptocurrency operations.

100% – control by foreign investors over their cryptocurrency companies in Slovakia.

100% – level of confidentiality of information about cryptocurrency asset owners.

4,000+ registered companies engaged in peer-to-peer currency processes here.

€5,000 – the minimum registered capital required for the legalization of a cryptocurrency company.

€10,000 – the threshold amount of operations that, when exceeded, requires the company to notify law enforcement agencies.

€30,000 – the maximum fine that can be imposed on a company for violating crypto money operation rules.

€5 million – the maximum amount of guaranteed compensation for clients in case of losses during Internet currency usage.

Now you can see that Slovakia is the ideal place to obtain rights for conducting cryptocurrency transactions and implementing innovative financial projects! Finexmo will help you achieve this goal.

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