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Investment License in Cyprus

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Necessary requirements:

  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining decision-making procedures and an
    An organisational structure that establishes a clear and documented chain of command and allocates roles and responsibilities. Further, establishing, implementing and maintaining adequate internal audit mechanisms to ensure compliance with decisions and
    procedures at all levels of the CIF.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining adequate risk management policies and procedures that identify risks to CIF activities, processes and systems and, where appropriate, establishing departmental risks.
    Where appropriate, compiling a risk matrix by department.
  • Implementing and maintaining effective organisational and administrative measures to take all reasonable steps to prevent conflicts of interest adversely affecting
  • Take reasonable measures to ensure continuity and regularity of investments and ancillary services and activities by applying appropriate proportionate systems, resources and procedures.
  • Apply appropriate client identification, documentation and internal reporting procedures
  • Establish and maintain an effective compliance function (taking into account legal issues) that operates independently. A responsible person for internal control shall be appointed
    must be designated, with an obligation to report to the CIF at least once a year.
  • Establishment, implementation and maintenance of accounting policies and procedures to enable timely submission of financial reports to the CySEC Commission.
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