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Crypto license in Czech Republic

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Individual consultation
Company registration

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Drafting AML/KYC documents

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Individual consultation
Company registration

Notary services

Drafting AML/KYC documents

Registration as a VASP

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Do you want to work legally in the virtual currency market? This is easily achieved with the help of experts from Central Finexmo Limited. We offer you to get a license in the Czech Republic and build your own crypto project that can attract customers from all countries of Europe and beyond.

It takes only a few weeks from desire to opportunity (that is how long the process of obtaining a license takes). Hurry up to use our “know-how” to expand the horizon of opportunities for your crypto projects.

Cryptocurrency in our lives

The possibilities of widespread use of cryptocurrencies in practical activities are getting richer every day. This is facilitated by such trends as

  • the creation of stablecoins;
  • regular revisions and optimization of transaction confirmation algorithms;
  • the use of decentralized finance technology;
  • the adoption of legislative acts aimed at regulating the process of financial circulation in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Licensing of a blockchain-oriented business is especially relevant for new companies or organizations expanding the scope of their activities. Legal support of the process of registering a crypto business and, first of all, carrying out a set of actions to obtain a crypto license in Czech Republic is the focus of Central Finexmo Limited.


Licensing is an important stage in the development of a crypto project

Although the Czech Republic operates mostly based on pan-European regulations regulating the crypto market, it is nevertheless at the forefront of an attack called “virtual money business development”. There are support programs for startups in this area and the crypto community feels pretty good and calm.

In the Czech Republic, it is possible to obtain four licenses that together cover all transactions for the exchange of any type of currency in the blockchain.

The specialists of Central Finexmo Limited will help you select the single license or a combination of them that will fully meet the needs of your business.

Specialists of Central Finexmo Limited:

  • will assess the degree of readiness of your company to obtain a license;
  • assess possible risks and develop a set of measures to level them;
  • prepare correct application documentation;
  • track each stage of the licensing process.

Registration of a crypto license is time-consuming and requires knowledge of the specifics of the process. In the absence of experience and skills of working with legal documents regulating the movement of electronic money in the blockchain, the chances of being refused a license for the applicant are too high. As a result, this can lead to serious losses due to the impossibility of the full functioning of the company and the implementation of its crypto projects.

Call us and explain what tasks you have set for your business project, and we will provide legal and successful documentary support for your idea.

There are two ways for you to create a crypto business in the Czech Republic:

  1. Creating a company in your name and obtaining a license for it.
  2. Purchase of an already registered company with a crypto license.

The second method is of course much faster.


Expert experience in the service of enthusiasm

Central Finexmo Limited provides professional legal support of business in the field of the cryptocurrency market for organizations of various scales. Our experienced team of professionals will do everything possible to ensure a favorable outcome of the procedures of obtaining a crypto license in Czech Republic at an optimal cost as soon as possible.

In recent months, our experience has become especially in demand.

Make an appointment for an initial consultation in order to have time to take advantage of favorable legal conditions and do not miss your chance to realize yourself in a new financial sphere. Cooperation with us will help save time, psychological and economic resources and direct them to the successful development of a new crypto project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Czech authority regulates the activities of companies operating in the field of cryptocurrency?

Financial Analytical Office (FAU).

What Czech law regulates the functioning of the crypto space?

There is no special law regulating the exchange and mining of cryptocurrencies in the Czech Republic. This area is regulated by the Code of the European Union AML-5. The main objectives of this regulatory act are to prevent money laundering and illegal financial transactions.

What is the amount of authorized capital for a crypto company registered in the Czech Republic?

10 thousand Czech crowns, which is approximately equal to 420 euros.

What language should the company’s licensing documents be in?

The documents may be in English or have notarized translations into English. The documents must have apostilles.

Is cryptocurrency considered a means of payment in the Czech Republic?

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic recognizes cryptocurrency as an intangible asset, a commodity.

Is it possible to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency in the Czech Republic?

Payment for purchases with virtual currency exists in the Czech Republic, but so far at the level of personal initiative of business owners. For example, some trendy coffee shops and bars accept this form of payment.


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