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Curacao gaming license

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The process of obtaining a Curacao gaming license is relatively inexpensive for both local businesspersons and non-residents. Our lawyers at Finexmo have the expertise to expedite and simplify the process even further. Use our services to get many benefits for your gaming business.

Why Curacao is a popular place to get a Gaming license

  • The Curacao Gambling Commission issues gaming licenses and supports the regulation of online casinos since 1996. This makes it one of the first island States to grant gaming licenses.
  • Curacao is a territory of the Netherlands and has a stable economy and legal system. As part of the Netherlands, Curacao is also subject to European security and transparency standards, which makes it more attractive to gaming operators.
  • Another reason for the popularity of Curacao is the affordable taxes on gambling activity, which amounts to approximately 2% of the operator’s annual income. This is significantly lower than in some other jurisdictions where taxes can be much higher.
  • Curacao gambling license price is not high compared to other countries.
  • The licensing process in Curacao is relatively swift, making it a desirable choice for those seeking to promptly launch their online gambling business.
  • The availability of online presence makes the process of obtaining a license even more convenient and fast.
  • All these factors combined make Curacao a popular place to obtain a gaming license, and many operators choose this jurisdiction to launch their online casino or sportsbook operator.


The bonuses you get

Curacao gaming license register will give you the following advantages:

  • Firstly, the license covers all types of businesses in the gambling field since there is no division of gambling info types and classes in Curacao.
  • Furthermore, the White Label business model allows you to provide your gaming product to other companies under their own brand.


What you need to remember

Even if you have a license, when expanding your activities in other countries, you must take into account local legislation. Each country has its own laws and requirements regarding gambling, which may differ from those that apply in Curacao.


How to get curacao gaming license

With an eGaming license, you can legally provide services in the gaming industry and be confident in protecting your rights and interests. In addition, users will be more inclined to play on your platform, because they can be assured that your company meets the necessary standards and passes security checks.

To achieve this, you need to fulfill a number of requirements:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive package of information about the company, its directors and owners.
  2. Provide information about the games and services that the company is going to provide, including information about the rules of the games, domain and server information, among other details.
  3. You will also need to set up your domain and server in compliance with the rules and regulations of Curacao. This includes ensuring that your site and games comply with anti-money laundering laws, are fair and use a Random Number Generator, and comply with age and location restrictions, such as ensuring that the site and games are not accessible to anyone under the age of 18 or to residents of the United States and the Netherlands Antilles.


Contact us to find out Curacao online gambling license cost.

Advantages of working with Finexmo

Our cooperation does not necessarily have to end with obtaining a Curacao gambling license.

It gets better!

We are ready to provide you with professional assistance with such operations as:

  • creation and registration of a company in Curacao or in another country,
  • execution of contracts with partners,
  • protection of intellectual property and trademark rights,
  • resolution of disputes and conflicts,
  • representation of interests in court,
  • consulting on tax issues and financial planning,
  • compliance with international gaming laws and regulations.

Our professionalism and experience will allow you to get the right license and solve other legal issues quickly and without mistakes, which will significantly save you resources and give you the opportunity to focus on the development of your business.


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